By your side

no one knows how you feel
no one there youd like to see
the day was dark and full of pain
you write help with your own blood
cuz hope is all youve got
you open up your eyes but nothings changed

I dont wanna cause a trouble
dont wanna stay too long
I just came to say to you

Turn around
I am here
If you want its me you`ll see
dosent count
far or near
I can hold you when you reach for me

You life is meaningless
your diary, full of trash
Its so hard to get along with empty hands
Youre looking for the rainbow
But it died not long ago
It tried to shine just for you till the end

I dont wanna cause a trouble
dont wanna stay too long
I just came to say to you
I am by your side
Just for a little while

Turn around
I am here
If you want its me you`ll see
dosent count
far or near
I can hold you when you reach for me

If the world makes you confused
and your senses, you seem to lose
If the storm dosent wanna leave you (?)
and you just dont know what to do

look around
I am here
dosent count
far or near
I am by your side
just for a little while
we`ll make it if we try.

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